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A new psychedelic revolution has emerged. At the nexus of this next-generation mystical revival, lies a molecule produced abundantly throughout the plant and animal kingdoms, including humans. Regarded as the world's most potent psychoactive compounds, Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is shifting the consciousness paradigm.

Dr. Rick Strassman’s research and his follow up book DMT: The Spirit Molecule provide the narrative backbone — convergence of science and spirituality — for the cult classic documentary.


The Conscious Molecule explores consciousness as fundamental and ubiquitous in the Universe. The intersection of new research, the endogenous nature of DMT, and the DMT experience provides intriguing insights into the enigma of consciousness. Could this mystifying molecule hold the key to understanding consciousness and the very nature of reality?



Uniphi Studios & AADII present DMT:NfT, one-of-a-kind hybrid art (image, video, gifs, & VFX) and music collaborations.


As part of our fundraising efforts, we began minting DMT inspired NFTs that explore the intersection of visionary experience and psychedelic research. Please visit the website and sign up for community updates.

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